About OTMS


Ocean to Mountain Seafoods aim is to do just that, bring the freshest and highest quality sustainable and traceable East & West Coast seafoods to Canada’s Rocky Mountains doorstep.

We ship a wide variety of fresh, wild and live East and West Coast seafoods at fair and stable value to Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise restaurants and direct to consumers tables. With over 40 years of combined food and beverage knowledge, James Jenkins and Trevor Whitehead bring their experience of the industry and local markets to the day to day operations of Ocean to Mountain Seafood's Ltd.

Ocean to Mountain, backed by the expertise and proven track record of Wild n Live Seafood's Ltd as their supplier, aim to handle all your seafood needs.

Whether at home, your restaurant or event/function, we will deliver the best the Atlantic and Pacific oceans have to offer. Our models are simple, the freshest and highest quality sustainable & traceable Seafood to your kitchens in the shortest time possible that won’t break the bank.


We work directly from the source and offer products on both coasts from fishermen and harvesters with the freshest SUSTAINABLE AND TRACEABLE live seafood straight off the boats, onto the plane and into your hands in the shortest time possible.


James Jenkins


James grew up on the east coast of NB in a small town of Chatham on the banks of the mighty Miramichi River, world renowned for its Salmon, where he grew up on the ball diamond. He was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 1997 and attended college in Pasco Hernando FLA. Later he went on to study massage Therapy. In 2002 he found himself in the beautiful Canadian Rockies learning many life skills and forging many valuable relationships in a wide range of industries including film, tech, and especially food and beverage. James is now back in the Bow Valley after 9 years in Vancouver where he dove headfirst into film and tv in front and behind the camera. James is ready to take all the years of insight, hard work and quality connections and investing it into the passion of Ocean to Mountain Seafood’s Ltd and disrupt the industry.

Trevor Whitehead


Trevor Whitehead began a lifelong career in the food and beverage industry at the age of 14 working as a dishwasher and quickly rose through the ranks of bustling restaurants. Trevor moved to Canmore in 2003 and spent many years as a General Manager in two of the valleys busiest establishments, The Drake Pub and The Rose & Crown. But the love of running a kitchen called him back where he became an Executive Chef once again. In 2016 faced off against some of the Bow Valley’s top chefs in an Iron Chef style competition and took the top honours and defended his title the following year against Calgary’s top chefs beating out a Michelin started chef and coming second. Most recently Trevor was the Chef at The Coast Hotel and Conference Center in Canmore where it became obvious that a new solution for fresher and higher quality seafoods were needed to be available both for restaurant needs and the everyday consumer.